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I have some serious doubts about your great and well looking site.
1. Paypal
paypal is the worst enemy of ptc sites, because of paypal many many trusted and honest paying old and new sites are closed or became scam
forever. Those sites also claim that our paypal account is 100% safe you can deposit and cashout here with no issue.But paypal destroyed all those great and legit ptc sites. Kindly remove paypal from your site forever forever forever....................
2. Unlimited cashouts
there are many many sites are closed because of unlimited cashouts . Not one or two many many about hundred of ptc sites are closed because of their unlimited cashouts. They can not control cashouts limit then the result those all sites are closed or became scam forever, There are many sites from us and uk also. Kindly fix the limit of cashout like many trused ptc sites allow max cashout from 50 to 150 or 250 dollar according to their upgrade membership. Kindly please please fix the cashout limit and remove paypal forever.
I am working in ptc sites from 7 years and I know all situations of this ptc industry.
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I´m sure admin, will handle that
all correctly!
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I have a sincere request to our Dear Admin. please don't remove Paypal from payment method not unless it is absolutely needed .My Payza account is blocked by Payza scammers , so at least i need paypal account to make my transactions with PTC sites.

So please take this matter into your consideration